6 Steps to Master your Passion – Umme Salma

Let’s begin with an extremely simple question — What is Passion?

You may think for a few minutes and observe how it can be felt more and defined less.

Any interest of your’s that excites you to an extent where you wish to see success through it, is “Passion”.

Oftentimes, this definition might not sync with what you do for living though.

After returning home from a 9–5 job, you go fresh n up, grab something to eat, wear cozy pajamas and browse either Netflix or watch your favorite YouTuber. You have live examples whom you watch following their passion. But, there is always this confusing thought about where to start even if you intend to practice consistently.

You see yourself exhausted and trapped in a raft in the middle of an ocean, where you have no idea which direction will take you towards the destination. Scared by this vision, You choose to stay in the cruise, stare at the waves with no intention of feeling them any time soon.

There is a slow and steady path that can help you escape the routine at least for an hour every day to practice what makes you happy.

Research is the key

This is the first baby step towards mastering anything and everything. The majority of the time you assume you are good enough to start.

That’s what I thought when I started to crochet. I made the first knot watching a video and assumed I can make a beanie without further tutorials and research. The result was — waste of time and yarn.

I got the wrong yarn, I used the wrong hook and I completely messed up the size. It was a lack of research that wasted my time, yarn and motivation. I had to quit crochet for a few months before I came across cute beenies on Pinterest. I had to start from scratch this time. It took a week of reading and watching tutorials before I was completely ready to begin my first project.

The research instantly expands your knowledge about your interest leaving you motivated to proceed.

Gather all the possible knowledge that you have been skipping to jump to conclusions. I remember a friend of mine, Sam who is also a writer got her first gig as a copywriter for an airlines website. Her niche has been cars. She assumed it will be easy to write about airlines and the facilities. I could understand her excitement which made her do little research and more writing, however, It was not surprising when she was replaced in the first week.

Practice Basics

Once you have all your background work done about your interest, you know the direction to proceed. Every topic is like a new galaxy with hundreds of ideas and implemented works.

At this point, you will feel lost to choose one idea that can lead you towards success. Since you can practice very little of everything that you came across while researching, it might leave a negative impact on your mind that you are too late in this while all ideas are already implemented out there. Believe it or not, that’s not the truth. This is exactly how new writers feel while exploring their niche.

You have to grab the basics and begin your journey. It’s okay to be slow and steady. Master your basics to build a stronger foundation on which you can display your talent.

Talk to a Professional or a Practitioner

Interacting with a Professional always works in your favor. If a person is experienced, you cannot ask for a better coach. Not everybody will have time to invest in you, however, interacting with people in the respective field opens new doors towards knowledge. Since you will be aware of basics, you will have better questions to ask. You can leave comments below their youtube channel or directly email them if they provide any contact details. Know more people in the field and ask about their journeys.

Invest time in people to understand their techniques, tips, and tricks.

Blend your talent with the basics

Each mind is unique, filled with ideas. You will enjoy this part of the journey more than anything. After getting a good hold on basics you will realize how your mind has already expanded and is trying to give you ideas to manipulate the basics and shape it according to your vision. This is when you start trial and error. You will have many sleepless nights.

This will almost feel like first love.

You will grab a cup of coffee and every chance to create something original of you and there will be that time when sun rays will hit you along with success. Even if you don’t succeed, you can grab a small implemented project, to begin with, make minute changes accordingly to gain some experience. Implement the tips given by different people you have interacted with.

We all seek original work to claim, this seek will ultimately lead us towards the light.

Create something Original

You will be left with souvenirs while manipulating basics which you can call as original work of yours. There will be times when you will throw a few works in the trash, undo things, repeat the process, or start all over again. Stay adamant enough to follow your vision.

Once you are done with your original work, I am sure you will be left with the greed of getting better in what you are doing.

You don’t have to quit your job to follow your passion. You just need to dedicate an hour or so in doing what you love.

Show and Tell

Voila, its time to flaunt your work to the world. Be it your spouse, your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, and friends, etc. Everybody who cares for you will encourage you for good and will criticize you for the better. Listen to their pieces of advice, enjoy your glory and continue to learn and proceed.

Leverage social media to attain further success. Who knows, others might follow you one day to practice their basics and ideas.

Explore Your Passions. Encourage your mind to follow it.

When you are new to something, it will leave you with questions. Lots of questions. You have to create your own trail to find the answers.

It is better to try and fail, rather than fail to try.

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