From Non-Recursive to Recursive Language 70K Years Ago – How?

From Non-Recursive to Recursive Language 70K Years Ago – How?
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“Language evolution to revolution: the leap from rich-vocabulary non-recursive communication system to recursive language 70,000 years ago was associated with acquisition of a novel component of imagination, called Prefrontal Synthesis, enabled by a mutation that slowed down the prefrontal cortex maturation simultaneously in two or more children – the Romulus and Remus hypothesis”

by Andrey Vyshedskiy

Article includes explanations of

a) how ~18% of the population can envision neither complex structures nor the sentences that describe them,

b) why those same persons have few if any religious/spiritual beliefs, manifest a deficit in imagination and have IQ levels of ~86,

c) How the structure of language and thought would differ between cultures whose members have and do not have Prefrontal Synthesis,

d) possible genesis of Prefrontal Synthesis.

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